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Bésame … ¡NO!

2 September 2015

One of the weirder stories I’ve seen in the Mexican media lately… and for a change, one where police chiefs come out half-way decently (and no one gets killed).  AND, as a bonus, a nice riff off the last post on Bésame Mucho.

Two men arrested in Chihuahua for public intoxication were handcuffed and taken in the back of a police truck to the local lock-up.  Where some not so bright officer told the two that they would be let go, if they kissed each other for the camera.  Which one of the dimwit officers thought was cute to record on her cellphone and send around for the amusement of… I donno… somebody, I guess.

Chihuahua’s police director, Horacio Salcido, didn’t find it quite so funny… the two arresting officers, and three more who were involved, were summarily fired.

Diario de Chihuahua, El Informador (Guadalajara)




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