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The plot sickens

8 October 2015

With Enrique Peña Nieto preaching about human rights and the dangers of populism before the United Nations, increasing dissatisfaction with the economy (not to mention the state of democracy), growing evidence of state involvement in atrocities, and the Secretary of National Defense all but saying that the military is above the law… what’s the best response?  Blame George Soros!


Jenero Villamil in Proceso (my translation and footnotes)


MEXICO CITY (apro) .- Certainly the current resident of Los Pinos and his top advisers are familar with Rafael Bernal’s novel, The Mongolian Conspiracy 1. Set in the heart of Mexico City’s Chinatown, the novel features a series of intrigues as fascinating as they are unrealistic as private eye/hitman/hired muscle Filiberto Garcia, unravels a conspiracy against world peace, with the unlikely assistance of both the FBI and the KGB.

tinfoil-hat-guyNow, with our federal government facing a credibility crisis there is a better plot than anything invented by Bernal is unfolding. This new plot aims to overthrow Mexican institutions, undermine the military and national prestige, by using the victims of the Tlatlaya, Iguala, and Ayotzinapa massacres — and an accumulating cast — in a power play led by US billionaire George Soros and international “dark forces” based in the United States.

I know it’s crazy, but the new “Mongolian plot” against Peña Nieto isn’t being masterminded by populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who gained international stature thanks to the United Nations speech (decrying populism as the greatest danger in the world) by the favorite son of Atlacomulco.

The populism of the two-time presidential candidate, former head of government in the Capital, and leader of the new Morena party it seems is not the the real “danger” to Mexico, but he is part of a plot put together by eccentric billionaire George Soros, who probably also gave an order to the Isidro Burgos Rural Normal School in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, to send to out dozens of young students to be slaughered… all the better to create problems for poor Peña Nieto … and steal our oil.

According to the versions of the story that began with the synchronized swimming club covering Los Pinos2 and publishes the columns and blogs consumed by the political class, the Tlatlaya killing and forced disappearance of 43 normal school students in Iguala are a cat’s paw in a conspiracy to weaken the Mexican government through non-governmental organizations, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the PRODH Center and the great financier George Soros umbrella, through its “destabilizing arm”: Open Society Foundation.

So wrote Ricardo Aleman, a columnist for El Universal , who need not provide any supporting documentation, because is sentences are divine revelation, much as were those of Moses when he was given ten tablets of the law several hundreds of years ago:

Today it is possible to prove that behind Tlatlaya are the same NGOs pushing the case of the 43 de Iguala. And if you doubt this, just take a look at the progress report [on Tlatlaya] issued on 2 July 2015 by Centro ProDH, the private property of Emilio Alvarez Icaza: nothing serious, but misleading and vulgarly deceptive in repeating the story that troops had been ordered to exterminate the members of organized crime syndicates under cover of night3

Cento ProDH Center — which is holding hostage the parents of the 43 Iguala students, controlling information on the case of the normal school, and ‘shepherding’ the so-called experts of the Commission — receives hefty dividends from foreign organizations interested in destabilizing democratic governments, like the Open Society Foundations, funded by a tycoon interested in Mexican oil, George Soros.

Centro PRODH is the operational arm of Emilio Alvarez Icaza, whom Soros imposed on the CIDH (Interamerican Human Rights Commission). And Centro PRODH is the organization that co-opted, financed and instructed the three women who survived the clash between soldiers and drug traffickers in Tlatlaya which incidentally were not murdered, but suddenly accused the military of having executed members a band of organized criminals to which they belonged.

By the logic of this tale-spinner, surely journalist Carmen Aristegui, who is pursuing a lawsuit against MVS and the Mexican State before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights is part of George Soros’ plot. Proceso magzine, which interviewed Emilio Alvarez Icaza, the thousands who have marched demanding justice in the case Ayotzinapa, the Associated Press and Esquire Magazine which revealed details of the Tlatlaya killing of and even those who have met with members of the Commission then are on the payroll of George Soros.

Moreover, Joaquín El Chapo Guzman escaped from Altiplano prison on orders from Soros and Emilio Alvarez Icaza and in the height of delirium, the five persons executed in Narvarte of Mexico City were probably killed by gunmen of the Commission to “taint” the trajectory of Enrique Peña Neito, the great friend of the pundits paid by Javier Duarte from the Veracruz state treasury4.

Delusions of this sort would be exceptional if it were not for the intense media campaign by the Secretariat of National Defense, and its chief Salvador Cienfuegos, to deny any responsibility “for commission or omission” in these cases and pointedly to warn that the Mexican armed forces need not be accountable to any group of experts or to any international body.

Cienfuegos’ “inteview” on Televisa’s Channel 2, more than the visceral reaction from officials, columnists and even official human rights defenders to the report of the Commission on the situation of serious violations of individual rights in Mexico, suggest that a sensibility worse than anything found in The Mongolian Conspiracy has begun to permeate the federal government: like with Gustavo Diaz Ordaz who felt misunderstood, and was perfectly content to fall into the trap of his own paranoia.

1 El Complot Mongol (1986), described by Francisco Goldman as “The best fucking novel ever written about Mexico City ,” is available in an English translation by Katherine Silver published by Grove Press (2003).

2 A rather round-out way of saying the “usual suspects” in the chattering class, equivalent in the U.S. to descriptions of the television “pundits” and columnists as the “villagers”… those who echo each other, pushing a political meme.

3 Emilio Álvarez Icaza Longoria is the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR, in Spanish CIDH), an autonomous organ of the Organization of American States (OAS) and a law professor at UNAM. Centro ProDH (Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez) is a legal aid service, sponsored by the Jesuits. On the Tlataya report, see my post of 4 July 2015: .

4 The original did not use the President’s name, but for clarity, I added it to the sentence. Recent revelations have shown the state of Veracruz (Duarte is the state governor, and an ally of Peña Nieto) has been paying journalists for coverage and opinions favorable to his, and to the federal, administrations.



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  1. chepe gp40-2hh permalink
    9 October 2015 6:34 pm

    I’m not sure the comparison to Diaz Ordaz is warranted, just yet. One has to distinguish among the Presidential lineage not only their personal view and course of direction that they enact vs. true intentions. It is very hard to see Pena Nieto stoop to that low of a level in terms of lack of respect for human decency on a purposeful level that his much earlier predecessor had absolutely no problem doing.

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