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How dry they’ll be?

14 October 2015

I guess having a multi-party legislature means something other than just political groups.

The Chamber of Deputies today agreed to form a committee to look into maybe, sort of, possibly, amending their ethics code (who knew they had one?) and consider the question of whether to stop serving liquor in the Chamber cafeteria. And, maybe, even on the floor of the Chamber.

In its discussion of the matter, La Jornada brought up two of the more notable drinking bouts on the chamber floor.

On October 25, 2011, work on a constitutional reform was suspended amid allegations of that deputies were voting while hammered.

Re-enactment of the Chamber of Deputies at work.

Re-enactment of the Chamber of Deputies at work.

On that night the PRD deputy Enoé Uranga and Workers Party Deputy Porfirio Munoz Ledo both complained of “the ethyl atmosphere that pervades the chamber. PAN Deputy Oscar Saul Castillo added that the drinks were flowing in the PRI seats. That session was derailed when PRI Deputy Julian Nazar said of Munoz, “if you did a blood test on Porfirio, you’ll find 90 percent alcohol and 10 percent junk food”. He also accused PRD Deputy Avelino Méndez Rangel, of being intoxicated. Minutes later Méndez appeared before the press, to announce “I’m here, and I’m not drunk. Not out of respect for the deputies or you… but because my wife disapproves.

And on September 13, 2007, when the Chamber of Deputies approved a bill allowing for a monthly increase in gasoline and diesel prices, PAN, led by Hector Larios Cordova and Juan Jose Rodriguez Prats, broke out the drinks while the house was still in session. And, after adjourning, moving on to the Chamber’s cafeteria until the wee hours of the morning, while running up an 18,000 peso bar tab.

In light of the bad publicity, PAN installed a private “VIP” bar in Deputy Larios’ office for their … uh… Party.

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