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A plague of locusts?

30 October 2015

The “Prophet of the Most High God Jehovah of the Army”, Juan Hernández López, is warning that San Cristobol de las Casas needs a name change… or else.

The “or elses” are detailed in a letter sent to San Cristobal’s municipal president, Marco Antonio Cancano Gonzales, dated 23 September, warning that if the city’s name was not changed (along with “converting” the municipal palace into a shrine to said “Most High God”) to “Ciudad de Jehová de los Ejércitos”, there was a risk of

  • tornados
  • earthquakes
  • hurricanes
  • giant hail strikes
  • drought
  • floods
  • a plague of locusts
  • meteorites
  • and… a tsunami.

While we are just hearing of this immanent threat now, I suppose one might want to be warned that San Crisobal (about 200 Km from the Pacific, and 300 Km from the Atlantic Ocean).   Watch out for falling meteors.



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