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So it begins…

5 April 2016

El Universal (English edition) reports that

Arostóteles Nuñez, director of the Tax Administration System (SAT), said the office will start reviewing the information about the Mexicans involved in the “Panama Papers”.

Those Mexicans including Ricardo Salinas  Pliego (CEO of TV Azteca)  and Alfonso de Angoitia (CFO of Televisa), I don’t expect we’ll get much coverage of the scandal on the TV news.  With the most prominent name to show up (so far) being Peña Nieto crony (and financier of the notorious “white house” owned (or at least in the name of) Peña Nieto’s wife, Angelica Rivera, somehow I expect the “review” is going to quietly do it’s work, and discover nothing worth reporting.

Unless, of course, some opposition figure shows up… in which case, expect endless reportage on the scandalous behavior and decadent lifestyle of the sacrificial victim.  Or… like TV Azteca is doing now… talking about something inconsequential:   the coming out  of afternoon variety show presenter Pedro Solas as a gay man much more important a news item than their CEO’s entanglement in an international scandal.




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