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Bribery gets the boot

29 April 2016

Who says you can’t fight City Hall… or at least beat a traffic ticket?

While, OK, it’s illegal for a taxi driver refuse service to a person in a wheelchair (and dickish, besides… though I expect Uber gets away with it… but then you expect them to be dicks), and Mexico City could use more (a lot more)  wheel-chair accessible taxis, for now, we have to work with what he have.  A wheelchair just won’t fit easily into a Tsuru, and if a nonogenerian wants a ride to the supermarket, what’s a taxista to do?

Getting from here to there isn’t the problem, getting the chair in and out of the trunk, in traffic, is.  Awkward, but not impossible… and not, by any stretch of the imagination, illegal.

I suppose it’s within the realm of plausibility that Officer R. Ramírez G. THOUGHT there was some sort of traffic infraction involved… but hard to believe he thought he could have the taxi booted for it.  Officer Ramírez sought to have a “private word” with the driver, though citizens like Alfredo Díaz (who uploaded this video) and others … shall we say… insisted on a public discussion of the issue at hand. Officer Ramírez and the boot-guy went away empty-handed, without even a parking ticket to show for their … ah… fine work.



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