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The Battle of Hacienda Blanca

20 June 2016

Hacienda Blanca, population 6500, sits astride Federal Highway 190, the main route from Mexico City to Oaxaca City. The highway has been blockaded by dissident teachers. The resistance to the Federal Police breakthrough of the blockCapturaade last night involved a lot more people than just a handful of disgruntled teachers.

Uriel Rodriguez of San Pable Etla (the municipio that includes Hacienda Blanca) “Periscoped” live for an hour (until his batteries ran out) the attack.

I’m not sure how to upload from Periscope to WordPress, but until I figure it our, the link is here. 




Although there were no gunshots officially reported, photos from the local Federal Police headquarters show armed men (possibly officers) in civilian clothes.

Solalinde1 Solalinde2 Solalinde3


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