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And that’s why the lady is a …

24 June 2016


“I’m glad the police went after those unruly Indians in the CNTE, I mean to get them to work because they do not love Mexico.”

Uh… the days of the reparamiento, when the colonial leaders could draft “Indians” for public (and private) works ended about 1650. Hard to believe Angelica Rivera is the first lady… with these kinds of remarks, she ain’t no lady!.

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  1. DonAlbertoDoyle permalink
    24 June 2016 11:49 am

    Wow, how many ways to go wrong in only twenty words! First off, a patrician kept woman who’s never had a real job talking about putting people to work. While simultaneously phrasing it in terms of enslavement. While bashing the indigenous people who were her country’s original inhabitants. And who were not working because THEY’RE STRIKING! Which only someone with a real job and real qualifications can do, unlike a washed up part-time actress who pretends to be the wife of a gay president. And bashing a union, which I guess is the new fashion for Libertarian trophy wives.

    But best of all, she says “mandarin” (went after) as the most charming of euphemisms for a state-sponsored death squad who extrajudicially executed 9 striking workers and injured several dozen more, by way of live ammo, with orders that undoubtedly came from her and her husband, perhaps while shopping for real estate someone else will pay for.

    Breathtaking, how she managed to get a half dozen forms of violent privileged classist racist assholism into a mere twenty words. It’s almost a talent!

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