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We’ve been here before….

31 January 2017

A friend of mine recently said that the “greatest generation” in the United States was not those that lived through the Depression of the 1930s, and fought in Europe and the Pacific in the 1940s, but those who’d lived through the 1830s, and fought at home for reforms in the 1840s… and beyond.

Think of Lincoln (born 1819), Fredrick Douglas (b. 1818), Susan B. Anthony (b. 1820), Ulysses S. Grant (b. 1822) and Henry David Thoreau (b. 1817).

Thoreau maybe never really had the immediate impact on his own time that the others did, but he’s a sure guide to what is happening today. Substitute “European Union” for “Great Britain”, “Aliens and refugees” for “run-away slaves” and… “Mexico” for “Mexico”… and the present office-holder for James K. Polk.

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