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Touchy, touchy…

3 February 2017

From Sin Embargo:

US immigration authorities canceled the visa for a woman traveling to the United States with a meme of President Donald Trump on her cell phones.

On Denisse Maerker’s radio program on Grupo Fórmula, Rocío Galván reported on the case: “They took her visa because they checked his cell phone, they found a mocking message about Donald Trump.

Ve have vays of checking your cell-phone...

Ve have vays of checking your cell-phone…

According to the Texas-based reporter, border agents are authorized to review cell phones and tablets of persons entering the United States to verify that they are not working illegalin the in the country. However, she explained that immigration agents are also given discretionary powers regarding how they conduct these searches.

For the woman’s safety, no further information was given, however, Maerker urged the reporter to interview the affected woman by changing her voice to hide her identity.

US immigration authorities have tightened controls that allowed Mexican citizens to renew a visa after Donald Trump took office on January 20.

Until last year, entry visas could be renewed without a consular interview, if they had expired less than 48 months previously. New regulations establish that this will only be possible if the document has expired within the last 12 months.

In the past, people who were denied a visa could request it again and be subject to the decision of some other immigration authority. Currently that is no longer valid, without omitting that the Visas Section reserves the right to interview any person.

The US embassy and consulates in Mexico award around two million applications in more than 20 different visa categories each year, according to information posted on its website.

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