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Occupational hazards…

10 March 2017


Mexfiles has been amused and bemused by former Chihuahua governor Patricio Martínez’ semi-quixotic (though perfectly logical) demand for the return of some lands to Mexico that appear to have been ceded to the United States through surveying error, but he’s not nearly as ambitious (or as quixotic, perhaps) as the grand old man of the left, 82-year old Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solózano.

Martinéz merely points out that an estimated 85,000 hectares (about 280 square miles) of Arizona and New Mexico, surveyed in the 19th century (under frontier conditions).  The survey’s following the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (which has had to be tweaked a few times because of changes in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo river-bed) overlooked a 8,130 Ha. rectangle in the corner of New Mexico, which Martinéz holds more accurate surveys would show belong to Chihuahua.  The surveys to determine the line of the Mesilla territory (sold to the United States in the Gadsden Purchase of 1855) he believes were purposely done incorrectly, to create a long triangular addition to the state of Arizona, totalling 75,636 Ha.


Martinéz appears to be perfectly serious about his claims, and is actively seeking new surveys using the most advanced techniques to prove or disprove his claims.  Amusingly enough, Donald Trump’s bids for a “great, great wall” presume that such surveying will become necessary, and quite possibly prove Martinéz right… vastly complicating any plans for the”Great Wall of Stupid”.

How serious Cárdenas is, I can’t say, but he is the grand old man of gestures.  Accompanied by his attorney, Cárdenas presented demands to abrogate the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo under which, according to the demand, was based on illegal actions by General Santa Anna and subsequently have never had the force of law. Returning California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona,  large chunks of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming to Mexico not exactly being likely, the demand proposes that the United States pay an indemnity based on 168 years of occupation, and lost income.

With interest, that’d add up to…. a zillion dollars?

To dream,, the impossible dream, to fight, the unbeatable foe….

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