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Is it good for you, too?

9 April 2017

In response to the claims by General John Kelly and Senator John McCain (who according to the left is echoing the “party line” of Margarita Zavala — the leading candidate for nomination by PAN) — that “If the election in Mexico were tomorrow, a leftist anti-American would probably be obtained as President of Mexico. That can not be good for the United States […]. It would not be good for the United States or Mexico”, Lorenzo Meyer wants to set the record straight.

Meyer, the distinguished academic (with about 20 books on US-Mexican relations to his credit) and political commentator (unlike a US “pundit”, our “public intellectuals” are expected to actually have some expertise in the things they comment about), sees the implied threat of a U.S. “intervention” in our elections as a hang-over from the “Cold War”.  He notes that following the end of the Second World War, the United States would simply “not allow” a leftist government to come to power in Latin America out of fea it might give an opening to the Soviet Union.  Noting that there is no Soviet Union, Meyer wonders why the United States even cares what the tint of a particular government is here, especially if it doesn’t affect their own interests.  And… as Meyer notes… a “leftist” government, “leftist” in the Mexican sense, is in the best interests of both the United States and Mexico.

The Mexican left is not revolutionary, nor anti-capitalist. It is simply proposing a less brutal distribution of privilige. So what is their interest? How does it affect them? How substanially does this affect Kelly? Not at all.

It is a very radical left. A left that wants to attack corruption. That is good for the United States because the large number of their companies that are here have to operated now to a large extent based on bribes, and the left would clear the field. Who brought out the corruption in Oderbrecht and Pemex? American courts, because they don’t want that kind of corruption. It isn’t in their interest to have Brazilians earning money that way… In fact, [a government of] the left is in the best interest of the United States if it makes the Mexican game less corrupt. It suits us both.

Linaloe R. Flores, “Una Presidencia de izquierda le beneficia a todos, incluso a EU: Meyer; y EPN ‘aún no toca fondo’.” SinEmpargo, 9 April 2017

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