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Horns of a dilemma

17 July 2017

Having recently returned from a long hospital stay, and having had to receive medication that included controlled doses of opium… it still strikes me as odd that an opium producing nation like Mexico has to import medical opium from the few nations (mostly former British colonies) allowed by international treaty to produce opium medications.

The heroin epidemic in the United States, at least the latest one, is blamed on easy access and over-prescription of  synthetic opioides, and — while I don’t understand the subtle differences between opioides and opiates (synthetics and those made from opium poppies) — that is a problem for the United States.  One that seems to have more to do with how medications are delivered than with their effectiveness, and/or availability.  Obviously, if persons wanting pain relief are turning to heroin, they haven’t been receiving adequate treatment for pain relief based on less harmful opium-products.  And in the meantime, Mexican and other Latin American patients are paying more than they should for pain relief medication.


And, in the meantime, the slaughter in the name of controlling uncontrolled substances goes on…




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  1. Allen Manana permalink
    17 July 2017 10:12 am

    Well stated Richard. As an aside, rum is an excellent pain reliever in sufficient quantities.

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