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Urban wildlife… Godzilla?

16 August 2017

We have been warned!  Well, despite being house bound for now, I knew there were some major changes to the Centro Historico.  But, with the blessings of our local government, it appears we’re in for a major bit of urban renewal… Next week (20-22 August) Godzilla will tower over the “city of palaces” and who knows what will be the result.

Several streets in the Historic Center around Plaza Santo Domingo, will be closed to both foot and motor traffic Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for filiming “key scenes” for Godzilla, King of Monsters, scheduled for release in 2019.  According to Jefe de Gobierno Miguel Angel Mancera, Godzilla is generating two thousand temporary jobs … as technicians and extras… in addition to economic benefits to local hotels and restaurants…. though I’m concerned that Godzilla may not appreciate Mexican sushi, and I’d hate to make him mad.

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