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Isn’t that convenient?

29 September 2017

As with any natural disaster, there is always the question of what part unnatural acts played in the devastation.  Specifically, where newer buildings collapsed after the 19 September earthquake, there is a question of whether or not they were built according to specifications (in which case, perhaps the engineering standards need to be looked at), or were corners cut.  And if cut, by whom.. and how.  And, there is always the intriguing question to be asked “Cue bono?”

The tool needed to answer those questions exists… the SIG-CDMX or Sistema de geográfica of SEDUVI, the Secretariá de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivenda.  In other words, the database of  land use and development project data, which ties to the building permits and engineering reports, inspections, etc.

Right now, the excuse is that the Seduvi building was badly damaged, and fiber optic lines to the building were destroyed.  , and the information is unavailable.  You mean there aren’t backups, or that nobody wants to start looking at the data?


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