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Such a mean old man

16 October 2017

15 year old Kayla America Fuentes tracks down a story most of us would never touch with a ten-foot pole.  The Old Man Who Calls The Border Patrol on Immigrants (Splinter 16 October 2017).  Sombrero tip to Debbie Nathan of


I’d known about Rusty for a long time before I saw those Jeeps. The first time I heard of him was when I was about seven years old, when my family and I were coming back from Matamoros, Mexico—that’s where a lot of my family members live. My mom was talking about what a mean guy Rusty was, how he would call the Border Patrol every time he thought an immigrant was near his house. I actually saw Rusty not long after, at the neighborhood gas station. He was a huge white man with icy blue eyes.

Rusty—also known as Cuban Alfredo Monsees, Jr.—is 69 years old. When he began talking about his family history, I was amazed that it was all connected to Mexico. The most impressive thing was that he said his father was Pancho Villa’s personal servant during the Mexican Revolution. He claimed to have pictures (I didn’t see them). He even told me about his step-brother who was born in Mexico and still living there now.

How can someone with Mexican roots like this be so angry with Mexicans? I wondered. He kept talking.

 Now I just think of him as pathetic, and someone to feel sorry for. Still, he’s a dangerous person in my neighborhood.

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