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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

20 November 2017

Pancho Villa and Pascual Orozco at the Elite Confectionary (211 Mesa Street, El Paso, Texas), in May 1911. The two were still allies at the time in the battle for Juarez. Madero had ordered the two to hold off on attacking Juarez, but the two comandantes had gone ahead anyway, directing the battle from the ice cream store where Madero couldn’t contact them.

The ice-cream store was Villa’s home turf… he neither smoked nor drank, and forbade his troops to drink. Ice cream, however, was something different. He was known to wash down a baseball sized scoop of vanilla covered in chocolate with an extra-large order of strawberry soda.

(source: El Paso Public Library; David Dorado Roma, Ringside Seat To A Revolution (El Paso: Cinco Puentos Press, 2004)

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