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I hate to ask…

31 December 2017

THANKS, ALL.  I won’t be able to get banks straightened out until later this week, and hadn’t noticed that my site would have otherwise gone off line on Tuesday.  Was able to renew, and problem resolved (for the next 12 months, anyway).


… but having spent the last six months recovering from a serious accident (DO NOT USE YOUR RIGHT LEG AS A BICYCLE BRAKE!), I haven’t always been as up on keeping track of recurring expenses that were automatically paid as I should have.  And, obviously, being in a wheelchair the last six months… besides the medical bills  (which we were able to cover), but minor expenses that add up… having to take a taxi instead of the subway to my rehabilitation therapist, paying an out-of-work Bulgarian actor (long story) to fetch and carry for a  few days when there was no one at home to help out and even heading to the bathroom required some assistance, a few delivered meals, etc.   Dumb, but not having made a bank deposit in several months (and the neighborhood branch with a handicapped entry having been closed by the September earthquake), my paypal account is down to about ten US dollars, split between pesos and dollars.

I don’t need much… but the yearly charges for this domain and website maintenance are due this week.  The “paypal” donate button is at the right.

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  1. 1 January 2018 9:27 am

    Happy New Year – hope your recovery goes well – have chipped in 300 pesos

    Regards Barry

  2. Allen Manana permalink
    1 January 2018 10:44 am

    Hi Rich, many reasons to live in MZT. Feliz ano nuevo amigp. 13 ok….agg

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