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How you gonna keep em down on the farm…

23 January 2018

The Mixteca Poblana… the southeastern section of the State of Puebla, has been particularly affected by emigration. With young people leaving for lack of employment as well as opportunities for higher education, the mostly indigenous communities find it harder and harder to sustain their traditional agrarian economy and culture.  In searching for a solution to the problem, the communites have hit upon an intriguing — and perhaps obvious — step they can take to keep their best sons and daughters at home, and involved in traditional pursuits.  Over the weekend, construction official began on the Universidad Agraria en Tehuitzingo, a pan-communal project that will offer students from any of the Mixtec ejidos a chance to study agronomy or veterinary medicine, with related fields of study to be added later.

The commune of Tehuitzingo donated 45 hectares for what should be a “self-sustaning” institute which will, additionally, serve as a agricultural research and assistance center.

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  1. Laura Grevel permalink
    23 January 2018 6:17 am

    Thanks for your interesting blogs on topics in and affecting Mexico! I am writing short stories and a youth novel trilogy which are set partly in Mexico, and am interested in finding information on Mexican culture and such.

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