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All your elections belong to US

2 February 2018

U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, apparently resents other foreign powers trying to muscle in on his (perceived) colonial patch:

Today’s Jornada:


Tillerson’s visit,  it must be said, does not augur well for bilateral relations or for links between the United States and the countries of the rest of the American continent. Last Wednesday, we were visited by three U.S. Senators (one Republican and two Democrats) who expressed their concern for what they called the malign influence of the Russian government in Latin America and, particularly, their supposed influence on the  ongoing electoral process in Mexico. In his way, the Secretary of State endorsed their position, pointing to a growing and even alarming Chinese and Russian presence, which he tangentially labeled as predatatory and criticized unfair economic practices (alluding to Beijing) and for selling weapons to regimes that do not share the democratic process (in reference to Moscow). In contrast to what he called “imperial powers”, the head of US diplomacy referred to his own country as a multidimensional partner that benefits both sides.

Yeah… right.

Considering the overt attempts (often successful) by the United States to control Latin American elections over the last 200 years… going back to Joel Robert Poinsett’s Yorkista plot in the 1828 Mexican election (not to mention more recent examples, the U.S. media (and official) cheerleading for Peña Nieto, their willingness to sign off on the Honduran coup, and the recent sham election in that unhappy country, U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg playing footsie with Nazis in Bolivia, etc. etc. etc. and we have to wonder whether Tillerson isn’t like the donkey joking about your ears… or, as we say in English, the pot calling the kettle black.

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