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Passing acquaintances…

1 April 2018

Problem visitors (left); passing guests (rights)

Mexico is facing an invasion of foreigners crossing its borders this week… at least 20,000 have descended on Rosarita, BC, and our police and immigration services are overwhelmed.  So… what’s the big deal with the Hondurans and Guatemalans who are simply passing though, paying their own way and … unlike the drunken hoardes of gringo students … well behaved and conscious of their own security needs?

Ah… but ever since Buzzfeed reported on the “Refugee Caravan 2018” guided by Pueblas S

in Fronteras, the U.S. media (especially the more rightward leaning of the pack) and the U.S. President* have acted as if their 325 million people are somehow about to be i

nundated with a thousand or so refugees from countries the United States has turned into places too dangerous to stay.  While I read on right-wing sites all kinds of attacks on Mexico for simply allowing these peaceful travelers to pass through unhindered as if it was our responsiblity for what happened in those US client states. If anything, they should be blaming the previous … to them odious… Obama Administration (and their favorite whipping-girl, Hillary Clinton) for justifying the 2009 coup, propping up the illegitimate government, and the subsequent flawed elections in Honduras that have created the conditions under which people are forced to flee their homes for the dubious protection of their persecutor.   Throw into the mix the U.S. out of control narcotics import problem and … yeah… some people are gonna decide living with the bully of the north is safer than being bullied (or taking a bullet) at home.

As Buzzfeed reported from the Caravan today:

“If this caravan bothers [the U.S. President], then it also bothers me that he supported people like Juan Orlando who oppresses the people, destroys the economy of the country, and creates a humanitarian crisis,” Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras, told BuzzFeed News. “We didn’t create that humanitarian crisis. They want to stop the humanitarian crisis how? Stopping these people? The crisis is in Honduras, and he was part of the chaos that occurred in the country.”

Surprisingly, the usually odious Daily Mail (U.K.), despite describing these refugees as an “army”, has some very good coverage of the Caravan.

BTW… and this is the whole point… although the refugees are paying their own freight, they could use some help: Contributions to Pueblas Sin Fronteras here.

* I managed to keep my vow to give up all mention of the fellow during Lent, and now it’s Easter … but I detest … well, everything about him… and hope to avoid the near occasion of any mention, because his mere existence offends me… and thee.  Amen.

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