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Return to tradition

6 July 2018

I had been hoping the election would signal a return to some of the best in Mexican traditional values, but I didn’t quite expect this.

In Azcapotzalo, a Moctezuma presided over the opening on a new Ullamaliztli (Aztec basketball) court. Ok, local assembly delegate Professor Pedro Moctezuma Barragán, but still…

Faro Poniente Xochikalli. Photo by Yasmin Ortega Cortés (you knew a Cortés would be an onlooker, of course).

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  1. roberb7 permalink
    6 July 2018 4:15 pm

    Cool, but I’ve also seen a lot of jai-alai frontons around Mexico gathering cobwebs. It’s a great game, and it’s unfortunate that it’s becoming a lost art.

  2. Peter Melvoin permalink
    7 July 2018 2:04 am


  3. 19 July 2018 5:11 pm

    Anything that encourages fit young Mexican guys to go descamisado in public has my support.


    Kim G
    Redding, Ca
    Where it is literally too hot to play ball in the sun.

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