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Why don’t you do it in the road?

18 August 2018

Declaring “love is not punished in Guadalajara”, the municipal administration of that city has amended article 14 of its “Good Government and Policing” regulations to decriminalize public sex. While it’s true that people sometimes get …uh… carried away in public places (perfectly understandable in a country where single adults often live in family units without a lot of privacy, and people don’t always have the money to get a room) public sex is not so much a social problem as it is an avenue for police corruption. That is, officers looking to supplement their income haunting the usual places (the “lovers’ lanes”, the hook-up spots, the cruising locales), threatening to arrest the “offenders” and shaking them down for cash.

As long as no one is complaining… make love, not a scene.

(El Financiero)

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