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The face behind the voice

17 September 2018

Mexico City has always been the trend setter for Latin America.  While we have yet to adopt the latest in the trash recycling trade, we were the first to adopt the international Call of the Junkman:


An essential tool of the recycling entrepreneur, tapes of that voice a sold for about 5 US dollars.  Almost anywhere Spanish is spoken, you will hear this voice when the trash-man cometh, whether by truck or more ecologically sound transport.  Unfortunately, the diva of the dumpsters, María del Mar Terrón, never has received any royalties.  She recorded the hit single, “¡Se compren colchones! at her home in Chimalhuacán, State of México, about 2010, which has since gone viral throughout Latin America.  When Christina Pacheco interviewed her for her long running Canal Onze program, “Aquí nos tocó viveir” back in August 2013, María del Mar was 19 years old.  She has since worked as a waitress, no doubt never having to repeat the special of the day more than once.

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