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Mexican snowflakes… or just flakes?

25 September 2018

Lord Maestro Limpio and Lady Bat… the hottest new couple on the viral video circuit are now complaining that their performance… i.e. beating the crap out of an ice cream vendor outside their bar… are whining to the press that while they’re sorry they attacked Bruno the vendor, was just an over-reaction to a provocation.  After all, Lord Maestro Limpio (aka Ricardo Barradas Coubert), Bruno “dissed” him and made a joke about copying an idea from Barradas’ sister-in-law.  Lady Bat meanwhile, points out she never hit Bruno with her baseball bat… she merely brandished it while Ricardo punched Bruno and chased him around the stands outside the Lord and Lady’s bar.

Gee… after getting off an assault charge by paying Bruno’s 48,200 peso medical bills… they feel they’re being treated unfairly, that the videos of the hulking Ricardo and his bat-wielding wife attacking a little guy are “defamatory” and leading to ridicule of the couple, as well as threats to boycott their Pacífico Terraza bar (which has been closed by the health inspector… maybe bat wielding crazy owners are considered a health hazard).

So unfair!

Here’s the video in all its gory… er, glory.

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