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It’s a sin?

25 October 2018

Last Sunday, unknown persons attempted to assault the residence of the former Primate of Mexico, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, killing a Banking and Industrial Police officer. Rivera, whose retirement was accepted by Pope Francis with undue haste back in soon after he turned 75 last year… while seen as an advocate for social justice is also despised for his cover-up of more than a few sexual abuse scandals (and protecting the notorious Marcial Maciel), his unrelenting attacks on Liberation Theologians, the GLBT community, feminists, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, his inexplicable private wealth, his open support for the political elites (especially the crowd around Carlos Salinas), and whispered ties to organized crime figures.

While the list of suspects is endless, national media has largely portrayed the unprecedented open attack on a botched kidnapping attempt.

However, Sanjuana Martínez, a journalist who has covered the “Cardinal beat” for years, has suggested the attack could have been retaliation for Rivera’s long-time protection of pedophile priests. She adds that Rivera has made enemies over the years due to his personal business activites and that much of his wealth comes from acting as a
“prestanombre” (front-man for investment groups otherwise anonymous) in various enterprises.

“There is a group of people who hate him; children who for years were sexually abused and who are now adults. Someone who is in organized crime and wants revenge. She believes that there are any number of motives behind the attack on the “protector of pedophile priests, and as an entrepreneur in different business deals or his ties to people linked to organized crime.”

Given the great secrecy and unusual protection being given the Cardinal, there is speculation that the public is being purposely kept in the dark to allow Rivera to quietly leave the country.

Would he be missed? NAH!

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