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Pass it on… lawyers, paralegals take note

20 November 2018

Lawyer and paralegal friends, it’s time to help the detained kids held in cages and tents. Please join me:

Dear colleagues,

The Trump administration is now detaining about 14,000 unaccompanied minors, three to four times more than any previous administration. Thousands of children are now being detained for several months or a year or longer. It’s time to challenge this inhumane and cruel zero tolerance policy, and you can help and make a huge difference.

We urgently need volunteers to help us review over 300 declarations recently obtained from detained minors. Volunteers simply review declarations and copy key parts into a document that sorts quotes from the declarations into subject categories (such as access to telephones, delays in release, secure versus non-secure facilities, etc.)

It only takes about 30 minutes to excerpt a declaration. You may excerpt one or more declarations, depending on your availability.

We urge attorneys and paralegals who participated in Flores monitoring to excerpt the declarations they prepared during their site visits. But anyone who wants to help may do so, regardless whether you participated in detention site visits to gather class members’ declarations.

The excerpts from the declarations will be used in a new motion to enforce the nationwide Flores settlement which requires the humane treatment and prompt release of minors.

Volunteers must agree to read and abide by a Confidentiality Agreement available at this link:…/rep…/cid/1338/fid/25

Please email me at and copy if you are interested in volunteering. In subject line please insert Flores Declaration Volunteer. We will then send you a link to access the declarations that must be reviewed.

Thank you.

Peter Schey
Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law

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