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Weird way to die… or maybe not

29 November 2018

One of the more useful government agencies in Mexico is INAI.. The National Institute for Transparency, Information Access and Data Protection.  It’s an “autonomous organ”, meaning it is guaranteed funding by the Federal Government, but is outside the control of the executive, legislative, and judicial system.  There are seven commissioners, appointed by Congress, but their mission is to not just make ordinary bureaucratic information and data available to the public, but to dig into government records and present the facts on some of our murkier and less than adequately explained recent past.

Carlos Alberto Bonnin Erales was putting together information on a few of these more sensitive murky incidents — public spending on recovery efforts after the 19 September 2017 earthquake; the “Odebrecht case” (involving alleged payoffs to PEMEX and other government officials in return for favorable contracts); the often under-regulated IMSS (National Health and Social Security Institute) day care centers; and the assassination of Luis Donaldo Collesio, the PRI party reformist presidential candidate, murdered in 1994).

Was.. until this last Monday, when he either had a heart attack and fell five stories, or fell five stories and had a heart attack, or just fell (somehow) from his office those five stories… or…

There’s a story… or five… that isn’t as transparent as it should be.


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