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I spy… an accounting error

6 December 2018

It’s like something I’d expect in a John Le Carre novel.  While the details are not forthcoming, the Mexican media reported yesterday on one victim of the new austerity push… what appears to have been an off-the-books spy operation here in Mexico City.

As part of the promised crack-down on fraud, some local accounts receivable clerk in the Mexico City government noticed rental payments for a house in the city without any indication of what the rental was for.  Checking further, the accountants found invoices (facturas) for the house rent from “Sterling Investments”.  A quick check of vendors to the government didn’t show any company by that name, nor does “Sterling Investments” appear to have any papers of incorporation, a website, or … well, any presence beyond facturas for this one rental.

So… the Public Minister sent someone down to check out the rental house.  Which had been hastily abandoned, leaving behind about 50 computer stations, and various electronic eavesdropping equipment.  What’s up with that?

All anyone is saying for now is that yes, people were being spied upon (and have been notified that they were under surveillance) but by whom, and for what purpose, still has not been disclosed.  Best guess is that this was that the previous administration was tracking potential political opponents, though whether this was just politicians, or “social activists” and journalists … or maybe, it was on behalf of the developers who wanted to track opponents to the mega-projects that have proven so problematic over the last administration… or… well, who knows?

Attn: spies.  Pay more attention to the paperwork next time.  Even George Smiley had to turn in his receipts.

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