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The Ten Tragic Days on film.

11 February 2019



Posted on historian Joshue Ramirez’ “Facebook” page, this 1913 film (with narration added later) of the events of the Ten Tragic Days, was the work of pioneering Mexican film-maker Salvador Toscano (1872 – 1947).

The Ten Tragic Days (Spanish: La Decena Trágica) was a series of events that took place in Mexico City between February 9 and February 19, 1913, during the Mexican Revolution. This led up to a coup d’état and the assassination of President Francisco I. Madero, and his Vice President, José María Pino Suárez. Much of what happened these days followed from the crumbling of the Porfiriato system of repressive order giving way to chaos, and as such, these days’ events have been among the most influential of the Revolution’s history. Madero’s martyrdom shocked a critical portion of the population, and the unwelcome foreign intervention prepared the way for the growing nationalism and anti-imperialism of the Revolution. In many ways, then, it set the tone for the Revolution’s most violent period, but it also prepared the way for an agenda of profound political and social change.[1]

While the bulk of fighting occurred between opposing factions of the regular Federal army, the random nature of artillery and rifle fire inflicted substantial losses amongst uninvolved civilians.

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  1. estudiantes permalink
    25 April 2019 9:55 am


    We are students doing a research project on the Ten Tragic Days. We have some questions and we’d love if you could answer them.

    Answer all that apply

    1. How impactful do you think the Ten Tragic Days was on the Mexican Revolution?

    2. What do you know about this event?

    3. How did this event affect you?

    4. Do you think that the ten days of warfare was necessary for the removal of the president, Madero, and the vice president, Suarez?

    5. In what light did you hear this story portrayed? As a violent, unimpactful event, or a meaningful change for Mexico?

    6. How did you feel when you heard about this event?

    7. How do you think this event impacted Mexico?

    8. How do you think this event impacted the rest of the world?

    9. Do you think that Mexico benefited from the political changes during Ten Tragic Days?

    10. How did the citizens of Mexico react to the Ten Tragic Days?

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