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Venezuelan coup … what “rule of law”?

24 February 2019

Abby Martin’s “Empire FIles” is about the best independent resource for anyone following the coup attempt (and ham-handed US intervention) in Venezuela. Martin has worked with non-US media sources in the past, but to maintain independence, is part of the “patreon” collective of independent media and blogs.

This clip, from a much longer discussion with UN Rapporteur for Human Rights, Alfred De Zayas, looks at the foreign media (i.e. US corporate media) and its acceptance of factually untrue narratives about Venezuela… meant to rationalize not just a change in administration in that country, but a return to foreign control of its natural resources and markets.

So… why is this posted on MexFiles?  If you think for a moment that the United States and US corporate interests would not welcome a return to the corrupt previous governments here, in return for more “privatization” and a reduction in the so far mild suggestions of a return to Mexican control of Mexican resources, think again.

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  1. Esther Klein Buddenhagen permalink
    24 February 2019 9:32 am

    How do we know what is true?

  2. roberb7 permalink
    25 February 2019 8:54 pm

    Anything “factually untrue” in this?

    • 25 February 2019 9:59 pm

      As far as I know, sounds correct, but what — if anything — does it have to do with whether the present government in Venezuela is legal or not?

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