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Who are they?

7 March 2019

For International Women’s Day, the Government websites have switched the usual logo, featuring Morelos, Juárez, Madero, and Lazaro Cardenas with a few other heroes of Mexico’s transformative history:


Left to right:

Sor Juana… 17th century poet, scientist, and theologian who argued for the right to an education for women.

Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez:  one of the original conspirators in the Independence underground of 1810, who risked her life to warn Padre Hildago that their plot had been uncovered-

Leona Vicardo: a romantic favorite.  A criollo heiress to a mining fortune, she flirted with Spanish officers to gather intelligence during the war of independence, was active in disseminating pro-independence propaganda through underground publications, ran guns to Morelos and helped draft the first Mexican constitution.

Elvia Carrillo Puerto:  radical feminist active in the 1910-20 Revolution, responsible for women’s suffrage in the Yucatan.

Carmen Serdan:  She and her brothers took up arms against the Porfirian dictatorship, holding off a police and army siege until she was the last person standing.

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