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I’d say schizophrenic, but bipolar fits

28 March 2019

The United States government’s immigration policy is bipolar: wide open to foreigners entering the country, and immediately denying them the opportunity to do so, said Tonatiuh Guillén, commissioner of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

He said this in the context that Mexico is in the middle – a sandwich – as a country of transit for thousands of people daily.

Speaking at a forum entitled “Labor, civic and social insertion of the migrant in an Open Mexico,” the immigration official spoke of the need for regional development, and the strengthening of family unification, as ways to address the phenomenon.

He reiterated that the current government plan is to expand opportunities for labor in the region, to the beneift of Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorians.

Fr. Flor María Rigoni, from the Scalabrini Migrant Shelters Network added that the recent caravans, which have entered Mexico since October, are more than the usual migration.

[Alluding to the “Arab Spring” and other social movements, the priest called the migrant caravans “A revolutionary Spring no one expected, based in economic, political and social models that have reduced millions of persons to the edge.]

The director of the Mexican Comision for Aid to Refugees, Andrés Ramirez, added that a new immigration policy for Mexico must be based on a human rights platform at all times.

Translated … [and paraphrased] from “Política migratoria de EU es bipolar: INM” (Fabiola Martinez in today’s Jornada)

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