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Dear Donald…

31 May 2019

A quick (and 3 A.M.) translation of the Mexican president’s measured response to Donald Trump’s bizarre attempt to blackmail Mexico into changing its own immigration and foreign policies to meet the demands of the faltering Trump Administration. Original here.

Mexico City, 30 May 2019

President Donald Trump:

I am aware of your latest position in relation to Mexico. In advance, I express to you that I do not want confrontation. The peoples and nations that we represent deserve that, in the face of any conflict in our relations, no matter how serious, we resort to dialogue and act with prudence and responsibility.

Mexico’s greatest president, Benito Juarez, maintained excellent relations with your Republican predecessor, Abraham Lincoln. Later, when we expropriated our oil, Democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt understood the profound reasons Lazaro Cardenas acted in defense of our sovereignty. Roosevelt of course, was a titan of liberty, the first to proclaim the four freedoms: freedom of wpeech, freedom of belief, freedom from fear: freedom from want.

With this in mind, we developed our immigration policy. Human beings do not abandon their homes for pleasure but out of necessity. That is why, from the beginning of my government, I proposed opting for development, cooperation and assistance to the Central American countries for productive investments to create jobs and resolve this painful issue in depth.

You also know that we are complying with our responsibility to prevent, as far as possible and without violating human rights, the passage through our country. It is not too much to remind you that, in a short time, Mexicans will not need to go to the United States and that migration will be optional, not compulsory. This is due to our fight against corruption, Mexico’s greatest problem, By far! By doing so, our country will become a power with a social dimension. Our countrymen will be able to work and be happy where they were born, where their families, their customs and their cultures are.

President Trump, social problems are not solved by tariffs or coercive measures. Why the overnight conversion of the country that is the brother of the world’s migrant into a ghetto, where the migrant is stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and justice is extinguished for those who seek with effort and work to live free from misery? The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol.

With all due respect, although you absolutely have the right to say so, “America first” is a fallacy because until the end of time, even over national borders, universal justice and fraternity will prevail.

Specifically, Citizen President, propose to deepen the dialogue, seek fundamental alternatives to the migration problem. Please remember that I do not lack courage, I am not cowardly or timorous but I act on priciples: I believe in the policy that, among other things, was invented to avoid confrontation and war. I do not ascribe to the Law of the Jungle, “eye for an eye” and “tooth for a tooth! avoid congestion and war. Do not believe in the Law of Talion, in the “tooth for tooth” or in the “eye for an eye” , lest if we go that way, we will be one eyed and toothless. I believe that as statesmen and even more so as representatives of our nation, we are obliged to seek pacific solutions to controversies and to put into practice, forever, the beautiful ideal of non-violence.

Finally, I propose that you instruct your officials, if you do not have a disagreement, to meet with the representatives of our government, led by the foreign affairs secretary of Mexico, who will be traveling to Washington tomorrow to reach an agreement beneficial to both our nations.

Nothing by force, everything by reason and the Law!

Your friend,

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

President of México

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  1. Sallie Latch permalink
    31 May 2019 10:52 am

    What a beautiful statement. If only we had an AMLO. May 45 succumb to reason and to the will of the people who want to live in peace.

    Sallie Latch

  2. Greg Burton permalink
    31 May 2019 4:23 pm

    Señor presidente, gracias por su bonita carta. Ante todo, permítanme decirles que en los Estados Unidos estamos comprometidos con una coexistencia pacífica con México. La paz siempre es lo primero en nuestras mentes.

    Sin embargo, antes de comprometernos con la paz, primero debemos abordar la enorme cantidad de inmigrantes ilegales que ingresan a los Estados Unidos, muchos de los cuales son miembros de bandas criminales de drogas. Ladrones, asesinos, narcotraficantes.

    Aquí en los Estados Unidos sabemos que México se ha convertido en una zona de guerra. Nosotros en los Estados Unidos no deseamos convertirnos en un estado de narcóticos fallido. Por lo tanto, deseamos que traigas la paz a México primero; Y al hacer eso, la paz también llegará a los Estados Unidos.

  3. 4 June 2019 6:44 am

    Muy bien dicho Andres Manuel.
    Very well said Lopez Obrador.
    Gracias, Thank you.

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