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Adios plastico…

4 July 2019

From MXCity Guia Insider:

Mexico City Congress has approved a bill prohibiting the use and commercialization of single use plastics beginning in 2020.

In the ordinary session and with 51 votes in favor, zero against and one abstention, the bill has been presented to the presented to the presented by the Commission for the Preservation of the Environment, Climate Change and Ecological and Animal Protection which will write the final regulations. They foresee gradually replacing single-use plastic articles with biodegradable products; beginning with bags, later adding cutlery, drinking cups, straws and stirrers.

This final regulations will be sent to Chief of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, for promulgation in the Offical Mexico City Gazette, and further dissemination in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

The vice-coordinator of the Green Party, Alessandra Rojo de la Vega Piccolo, explained that the ruling that reforms and adds several provisions of the Solid Waste Law establishes the prohibition of the sale, distribution and delivery of single-use plastics, as well as as those containing added microplastics such as bags, cutlery, mixers, plates, straws, among others.

During the session, which also attended the Secretary of Environment of Mexico City, Marina Robles García, the local deputy explained that the measure aims to make the industry more co-responsible with the final destination of the products, so that can reintegrate into the environment or the circular economy.

The bill is designed to give the plastics industry time to re-orient its production, and coordinate with the post use disposal industry. PAN deputy Gabriela Salido Magos cautions that the measure is only a 10 year soldution, the measure is a solution for 10 years, since the demand for natural products could also have negative consequences, when other measures may need to be considered.

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  1. Tim trujillo permalink
    4 July 2019 6:53 pm

    Y “pampers”? Lo peor!

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