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El Metro at 50

5 September 2019

Today is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Mexico City Metro.  Now with 12 lines (and looking to add one or two more) one of the busiest public transit systems in the world.  I always remember meeting a Norwegian tour group standing gape-mouthed at the entry to the Bellas Artes station, incredulous that the trains carried, every day, more people than lived in their entire country.  The station with the fewest users (Deportivo 18 de Marzo) “only” handies 618,350 commuters a year (a bit less than Oslo).  Our busiest… Pantitlan, which includes the bus terminals for several suburbs, sees 42 million people a year pass through.

Thankfully, very few guys like the one who ran through Chabacano station a few years ago.  Hopefully, he won’t be back:

( have no idea how they found so many white people in Mexico City for that scene).



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