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Giving back to the community

5 September 2019

And you though people like Warren Buffet were generous?  Hell, he’s only giving away half his money, and taking a tax deduction as well.  But….

Retired transportation executive Joaquin Guzmán Loera, former CEO of Sinaloa Cartel, has offered to donate 14 billion US dollars to the Mexican government for use in indigenous communities.  The colorful Mexican entrepreneur, known for his ruthless management style, is reported less than pleased with his new accommodations in the United States following his forced early retirement.

Appealing to President Andres Manuel López Obrador  through his attorneys,  the 65 year old former billionaire made the offer with only two conditions:  that the grant be managed by the Mexican government, and that none of the funds are offered to the United States government,and that he be permitted to return to Mexico for his retirement.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is said to be aware of the offer, but has been negotiating with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over disposition of the generous offer.


Source: Reporte Indigo

(Less tongue in cheek, this is what restorative justice should look like.  Chapo was always more a symbol of the fake US “war on drugs” and a convenient villain for the US that covered their failure to do a damn thing about their more than avid consumption of the Chapo’s products.  The damage done was to Mexico, and 14 billion dollars won’t restore the damages done to Mexicans and Mexico “thanks” to US demands that this country “do something”, but it will go a long way in assisting rural communities in transitioning to another way of making a decent living besides selling opium poppies and marijuana). 

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