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17 September 2019

A tip of the sombrero to Peter Melvoin for passing this along (from APF):


An AMLO glossary


Mexico City (AFP) – President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is reshaping the language of politics in Mexico with his colorful, folksy take on Spanish. Here is a glossary of key terms to understand the man known as “AMLO” and his opponents.


Short for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, from his initials; used by both detractors and followers. See also: Peje.


Used of a lazy person who finds creative ways to live off the efforts of others; frequently applied by Lopez Obrador to opposition politicians or business executives. Cuban in origin.


A Lopez Obrador supporter; used by detractors.

Cuarta Transformacion (Fourth Transformation)

Lopez Obrador calls his government the “Fourth Transformation” of Mexico, putting his presidency on a par with what he considers the three other moments that changed the country’s history:

1) The war for independence from Spain (1810-1821).

2) The Reform (mid-19th century), a liberal overhaul of the country’s institutions.

3) The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), which overthrew dictator Porfirio Diaz.


An adjective to describe a wealthy, snobbish person. Last in widespread use during the Mexican Revolution, Lopez Obrador has revived the word as an insult for opponents.


Overly luxurious, swanky or expensive.


Lopez Obrador’s morning news conference, held every weekday at 7:00 am; from a word meaning “morning sex.”

Me canso ganso

A comical rhyme popularized by a 1940s film, this roughly translates as: “Or I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.” Lopez Obrador frequently follows up his promises with this phrase.


A kick-back payment or bribe.


A nickname for Lopez Obrador; from “pez lagarto” or “pejelagarto,” a freshwater fish widespread in his home state, Tabasco. See also: AMLO.


Someone who mindlessly follows Lopez Obrador; used by opponents.


Used by Lopez Obrador to describe an ignorant wealthy person; coined from the name of a 1970s television character played by comedian Luis de Alba.


A pejorative version of the diminutive “senorito,” or “little mister;” used by Lopez Obrador to refer to opponents he perceives as aristocrats.

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    Muchas gracias

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