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I would not feel so all alone..

20 October 2019

… with 10,000 copies being distributed for free of a new comic book, “Mariguana para principiantes” (Marijuan for Beginners), published with the support of the Mexican Senate, New York University, the Fondo de Cultura Económico, and Educal (the National University publisher).

Based on “Los Supermachos” the characters created by the late comic book/graphic historian “Rius”‘.the book (about a cloud that descends on a community, making everyone giggle, especially when they meet a talking green dog named “Can Nabis”.  No, of course it doesn’t recommend all uses even if  the back cover features Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo smoking doobies and a quote from Frida, ““Everyone should smoke marijuana to hear the color of the world”.

No, not at all… it merely educates the public to the medical, industrial and (cough, cough) recreational uses of a plant for which the regulations regarding the legal cultivation and use should be passed by the Senate this week.




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