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A soldier’s story.

21 October 2019

Many, especially those outside Mexico, have been quick to blame the Mexican military from backing down from mounting a bloodbath during Thursday’s shootout in Culiacán.  Apparently, the critics need to be enlightened on exactly what civilians were are risk had they not backed down.

(translation mine, from an open post by “Cocinaro de GN”


Good afternoon.

I am a soldier from Culiacán, currently stationed in Manzanillo,. I think that many people need to understand the value of things and the fear of losing a loved one and the impotence one experiences when one is unable to do anything, we felt when we received the news about the mess that followed the capture of that character.  My wife calls me to tell me what was happening in all the streets of Culiacán saying things were getting ugly. 

My wife and children live in an apartment complex provided by the Sedena [Mexican Department of Defense].  I told my wife not to go out to the street, and that they will be protected, and to wait until there was word from the state authorities that everyone was under control   Imagine what I felt when my wife called me back to tell me that the apartment complex was surrounded by armed people, and they not only could not leave, but that the armed men were shouting that if their boss was not released, they would begin killing the tenants.

At the same time we were asked to not lose our courage, we we filled with impotence and rage.  I do not know now to explain it, but I didn’t care about anything other than knowing my family was safe.  It is is a feeling only those of us who live with it can understand.

I see comments by people who call us cowards or call the government cowardly. I only have to give infinite thanks for having made the decision they did, and seeing my family again.

Nobody wants to live something like this, but, I would like them to put themselves in our shoes and not say that it was a failure for our families to have come though safe and sound.

Thank you very much for allowing my family to be by my side and for not getting carried away looking for another win [in the “drug war”].

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  1. norm permalink
    22 October 2019 8:29 pm

    I’m guessing they will put a bullet in his head the next time the Army rounds him up. Tell us all that he offed himself, so his crew can save face. The reaction by the cartel was one step over the line, they may regret their show of power.

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