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A modest suggestion or two (LeBaron massacre)

7 November 2019

With all the speculation (and background “dirt”… including that contributed by MexFiles) on whatever actually happened, a few facts have emerged. Or one obvious one… the shell casings recovered at the scene were from bullets manufactured by Remington Arms, and not legally sold in Mexico, nor meant for weapons available here.

Persons headed north, and cargos headed north are regularly have to go through military checkpoints, and are searched for narcotics. With Mexico about to legalize the trade, and the United States still largely in denial (blaming others is one of the first signs of addiction), legal access to a product like firearms is no excuse not to check, nor to demand proof of ownership, nor of questioning the ultimate point of sale for the product. I know what a pain in the wazoo those internal checkpoints set up by the Border Patrol are now…. but get serious. Time to start X-raying the cargo and autos headed south from the US, and start seizing weapons and weapon parts.

U.S. courts have long expected Mexicans who were never in the United States, but were the “intellectual authors” of the sale and distribution of narcotics to be tried in their courts. Extend the courtesy to our Mexican Fiscals… extradite the gun dealers, bankers, U.S ´weapons buyers to Mexico. The argument, after all, has always been that narcos had to be sent to US prisons because of weaknesses in the Mexican naroctics laws that allow criminals to go free, or with minimal sentences. That, in the US, the laws on gun running are weak, and prosecution is difficult, send the perpetrators here.

The FBI and DEA (and CIA) have been in this country for years, doing (most of us believe) more harm than good. If the FBI really is going to “help” in investigating a crime against dual national US citizens (who, let’s face it… are sympathetic and dominating the US news mostly because of their ties to the US… and because they’re white people), time to bring in Mexican prosecutors and investigators into crimes against Mexicans in the United States.

Mexicans, for the good of the drug dependent United States, is expected to put up with “collateral damage” (i.e., dead peasants, students, housewives) for the greater good of… them. OK, if a few… or a lot… of “innocent bystanders” get killed fighting the illegal firearms trade, so what? Right wing website in the US are always full of “xuggestions” that the US send military units or “wpecial forces” to wipe out narcos, never mind the cost. How about Mexican incursions into the US to wipe out gun runners. Drone attacks on gun shops and banks that launder (and if it hits the nail salon next door… oh well)?

C’mon… get serious… the US isn’t gonna do shit other than blame Mexico, and continue to spin this as a failure for a change to a less confrontational, less US obedient, government. Srcew them!

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