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Ivanka Trump behind the Bolivian coup?

15 November 2019

Mexfiles can’t vouch for this, but (Santa Fé, Argentina) had a long article on Ivanka Trump’s visit to Jujuy province (bordering Chile and Bolivia) last September to announced a 400 million US government investment in a “lithium route” to exploit (presumably, for U.S. corporate interests) growing demand for the metal.


Coincidentally, Bolivia was, at the time, considering changing its original plans for a joint venture with a German company to provide lithium (Bolivia having the world’s largest known reserve) for a better deal with the Chinese.  Under the new deal, the Bolivians would maintain control of their reserve, with the Chinese investing in manufacturing lithium batteries and other products within Bolivia itself.

Ms. Trump was accompanied by Undersecretary of State John J. Sullivan, Deputy Chief Management officer for the Pentagon, Lisa Hirschman, and Mark Green, Director of USAID: draw your own conclusions.

El trasfondo de la tensión entre Bolivia y Estados Unidos por el litio, 13 November 2019.

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