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2020… in the bag

1 January 2020

As of today, within Mexico City, stores and other points of sale can no longer provide plastic bags.  The  Ley de Residuos Sólidos (“Solid Waste Law”) will only permit “compostible” packaging at points of sale except where there is no alternative for hygienic reasons, or there is no alternative available to prevent food waste.  Considering there is a stiff fine for providing such bags, I doubt there will be much of a black market (and, Mexicans are adaptable, with plastic bags only having been around for the last 20 or so years, and plenty of alternatives…. ask your abuela).

While I expect biodegradable bags and food cartons will be on the market shortly, the unsaid major effect of this is that, given Mexico City’s percentage of the country’s population… coupled with the obvious fact that outlets in Mexico City generally have franchises outside the city, or that packaging distributors are unlikely to want to have to sort out sales within Mexico City from those in, say, State of Mexico, or Morelos… or for that matter Chihuahua, Oaxaca, or Chiapas) one can expect what happens in Mexico City won’t stay in Mexico City.

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