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Oiling the big guns aimed at Mexico

10 March 2020

According to Reuters, there was a meeting at the U.S. Embassy Friday morning (6 March), attended by diplomats from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands where the various representatives “expressed their concern” that the Lopez Obrador seeks to change contracts signed with the Peña Neito administration, which would “erode” their legal standing.

While no one would confirm anything about the meeting, Reuters was able to report that the diplomats are not sure how to frame their complaints that, in returning PEMEX to Mexican control, the government is renegotiating contracts that in its view favored the foreign investors over the Mexican owners (i.e, the Mexican people).

What it all comes down to really is one oilfield:

A notable discussion has been who has the right to operate an important discovery of offshore oil, the Zama megafield, whose deposit would be shared between Pemex and a consortium of private investors led by the US Talos Energy.

Uh… it’s in Mexican waters, it’s Mexican oil, and the answer is…

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