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Be thankful I don’t take it all/’Cause I’m the taxman…

10 April 2020

The SAT (Mexico’s version of the IRS) is going after 1.1 Trillion pesos in unpaid taxes, the equivalent of six years of social spending funds, or two years of the national health systems.  Yesterday, AMLO mentioned that 15 companies that between them owe 50,000,000,000 are “negotiating” with SAT, trying to weasel their way out of litigation and additional penalties.

Skinflints!  All taxes paid in Mexico only account for 16 percent of GNP, and has the lowest tax rates among OECD ( Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations, which average 34%.  On the other hand, it has (maybe up to today) the lousiest tax collection rate in Latin America. It’ estimated that if Mexico just collected its taxes as well as Chile (which doesn`t do all that great a job either), it would increase state revenue by 4%.

As you might expect, the CCE (basically, the chamber of big time commerce) is screaming foul.

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