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20 April 2020

With their regular jobs considered “non-essential”, Las Famosas, the trans* sex workers who normally work the streets around the Mercado Juarez in Toluca, have found a way to not only earn their living during the pandemic, but continue their … er… public service.

Serving up complete meals (soup, rice, a main course, and even dessert) to the incredibly low price of only 25 pesos (about one dollar, US), their small “cocina economica” has a growing clientele from the mercado’s workers, as well as the temporary out of work and elderly neighborhood residents.

Las Famosas consider the venture more a way to pay back their community than as a money making operation, receiving assistance from, among others, the state Secretary of Labor, and donations. Paying customers regularly buy two meals, one for themselves, one for the less fortunate customers unable to afford even the nominal 25 peso bill, or for the displaced working girls(?) and their dependents.

For more information, see their Facebook page here:



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