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Stay home.. well, unless you work for US

21 April 2020

What’s more insane… that the US Department of Defense “offshores” some munitions production to Mexico, or that the US Department of Defense is insisting it should be able to override any “stay at home” orders here, just to keep their own war machine going?

From Reporte Indigo

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Maintenance, Ellen M. Lord, has “requested” (with the assistance of US Ambassador Christopher Landau) that maquiadora plants “especially important to our American fuselage production” return workers to their jobs.  This in spite of Mexico’s Secretary of Health having implemented “Phase 3” of the health emergency protocols.  

Despite numerous walkouts and strikes in border factories over unsafe working conditions (let alone still demanding workers stay on the job during a health emergency, the US position is that the closings of industrial and manufacturing bases, in Mexico, seriously affect their supply chains.

The US ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, said on Tuesday morning that they are doing everything possible to save the supply chains created between Mexico, the United States and Canada.


While protecting national security is one of the “essential businesses” (along with food, water, and electrical power  production and distribution; public health and safety; transportation; and the justice system), there’s nothing about protecting the national security of the United States… and, come to think of it… I’m not sure the US Department of Defense is the opposite of protecting Mexico’s (and most of the planet’s) own national security.

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  1. Esther Klein Buddenhagen permalink
    21 April 2020 9:50 pm

    This is typical. Tshe US has turned into a gross caricature of a gross neoliberal empire. Don’t help it in this, Mexico! Please!

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