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Play Ball! (Post COVID)

1 August 2020

The municipal government of Texcoco has budgeted 70 million pesos (about 175.000 US$) for the first national baseball academy, though Probeis, a program that has the personal support of President (and second baseman) Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The facility has a capacity to house up to 60 people, with a kitchen, bedrooms and gym; in addition there are fully equipped profession and two semi-professional fields, as well as a children’s field.

Mayor Sandra Luz Falcón (MORENA) said classes for persons age six to 21 will begin as soon as sanitary conditions allow it, where they will also receive a comprehensive education endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education, in addition to training o the field.

The plan is aimed at developing high-performance athletes, who will try their luck in professional teams in Mexico and the United States, and making them eligible to try out for sports scholarships in the United States.

Although the first generation had young students who will only come from Texcoco and the Valley of Mexico, in the long term it is expected to draw talent from throughout the republic; this being only the first of a chain of regional baseball schools throughout Mexico.

(via Forbes Mexico)

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