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How many zombies are in Honduras, anyway?

1 May 2021

Via the Wilmington, Delaware office of the Customs and Border Patrol comes word that 40 rounds of “Zombie Terminator .38 ammunition” was confiscated by the US Coast Guard in a shipment bound for Honduras. As any aficiando of zombie films knows, you need a double tap to kill a zombie,so the 40 rounds seized would only kill 20 zombies. However, accourding to the press release:

“CBP remains committed to working with our law enforcement partners like the U.S. Coast Guard to detect, deter and disrupt illegal activities and dangerous products at our ports of entry.”

40 rounds… i.e. one box of bullets (“Tombie Terminator” is just a band name… a clever one, to be sure, but nothing special) justifying a press release is pathetic. While the US, and various political faction in the United States whine that narcotics passing through Central America and Mexico manage to find their way north DESPITE the best efforts of various law enforcement agencies both in those nations and in the United States and small seizures are not anything worth mentioning, firearms and ammunition from the United States apparently passes with such regularity and lax enforcement of export regulations, that a tiny, rather insignifcant seizure is worth a press release.

Paper Silhouette Artworks : David Reeves

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  1. Peter Melvoin permalink
    1 May 2021 11:23 pm



  2. norm permalink
    7 May 2021 6:08 am

    My limited experience being on the ground in Honduras: Everyone who can afford a gun carries one in Honduras. The middle class male would consider themselves not dressed to go out in public without a semiautomatic pistol in their waistband.
    Just my personal observation from a motor trip along the northmost and a visit or two to Copan.

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