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Which side (of the border) are you on?

6 September 2021

Jornada’s David Brooks with some compare/contrast for the US Labor Day.

Today, the unionization rate in the United States is among the lowest of the OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] countries, even lower than that of Mexico. Furthermore, the United States has fewer legally protected labor rights than Mexico (for example, there are no regulations here to defend non-union workers from being laid off, no health insurance, vacations, and other benefits), and in fact there is no protection of the right to freely associated, or to negotiate collective contracts. Some 20 percent of persons involved in union organizing efforts are fired by companies – there are thousands each year – while reprisals of all kinds continue against those who dare to promote unions in this country. Under the law, millions of farm laborers, domestic workers and others have no protected right to unionize. The fight for civil rights in this country has always been intertwined with a fight for workers’ rights.

Much has been said about the labor reform in Mexico and the need to ensure its implementation and compliance with its regulations and labor rights, including monitoring by the United States. But it is just as urgent that Mexico and other countries provide support to advance the fight for labor rights in the United States starting this Labor Day. Solidarity is a two-way street.

Knights of Labor parade, Geneva NY 1911
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  1. pablothemexican permalink
    6 September 2021 1:16 pm

    Mexico should hurry and finish up ‘The Wall’ to keep the gringos out when America goes on complete communist lockdown like the entire country of Australia…especially the
    Libtard Californians and criminal New Yorkers…

  2. norm permalink
    7 September 2021 6:59 am

    Your topic is a true one today. I was a labor leader during my work years, I came to the firm convection that there was little difference between labor issues and the many facets of civil rights. I’ll march with any group that wants an equal standing in our polity.

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